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Our Palm Springs Oasis Home Exterior Makeover

Our Palm Springs Oasis Home Exterior Makeover

We are happy to introduce you to our biggest remodel project in Palm Springs, Ca. We call this home The Palm Springs Oasis. There wasn’t an inch of this house that wasn’t completely revamped. Before we get to the beautiful interior of this home, let’s take a look at what we did outside.



The major changes we made to the exterior of this home were:

  • We changed the salmon pink color of paint, roofing, and concrete to a white and grey color palette.

  • We added wood siding to the front of the home and new glass garage doors.

  • Added a large pivot door to have a grand entrance to the home.

  • We kept the pool but made it more modern by adding a new concrete block edging to frame it in as well as a kiddie pool with a waterfall into the main pool.

  • We completely revamped the outdoor cabana adding a free standing wall with a TV.

  • We also built a really awesome concrete ping pong table that is easily converted to the outside eating area.

  • We built the large swinging bed for pool lounging and enjoying the mountain view.

  • On top of the cabana we added a rooftop deck with a bar for enjoying food and drinks as well as a bed for sun tanning, sleeping, or relaxing under the stars.

  • We added a spiral staircase to have access to the rooftop deck space.

  • We laid artificial grass around the home and added a putting green for golfing fun.

  • The front of the home had a beautiful Buddha fountain that created a calm and peaceful sound and feel as you entered the home.

  • Outside of the master bedroom we added a linear in-ground fireplace and large beanbag chairs to enjoy the warm summer nights.

  • We also added landscape lighting to highlight the stunning trees and plants on the property.

  • Lastly, we always create outdoor showers because who doesn’t love showering in nature? We added two outdoor showers to this home.

We can’t express enough how much we loved this home! People ask us, “Why did you sell it?” When we look at these pictures we ask ourselves the same thing! LOL. The reality is, this home is absolutely stunning but it is also modern and very white, including white walls and floor. I was pregnant when we renovated this home. After completing this renovation we quickly realized this home is not meant for young children, we also saw the listing price and potential profit we could make by selling it! It was too good to pass. The Palm Springs Oasis will forever have a place in our hearts and we can’t wait to show you the work we did to the inside!

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